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01-Meeting in France

realized in Nice during the period 11-13/11/2018

From 11th to 13th of November took place in Nice, France, the first meeting of the “Intercultural dialogue; a holistic approach to teaching drama, storytelling and video making techniques” project, approved by the UK National Agency in the field of Strategic Partnership for adult Education in KA2 Erasmus+ Programme (Good Practises Exchange). The partners are: Sirius Training C.I.C. (UK) project coordinator; EURO-NET (Italy); Mitra France (France); EESTI People to People (Estonia); Youth Information CentreMunicipality Kordelio Evosmosi (Greece). The main goals are: share the best practises among partners, increase the adult trainers professional development, collect and develop intercultural communication methods, develop and strengthen European network of teaching and training, sustain the important role of the cultural heritage in field of education and social activities. Adult trainers (teachers, tutors, mentors, care workers) will be the main beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will be adult students and also people who have less chances. During the meeting, which was attended by two members of our staff, the role of the partners, the timetable and the activities to be carried out during the 18 months of project implementation were defined.