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Our Europe in comics

DVD production in comics about the birth and increasing of Council of Europe

The project intends to realise a DVD in comic strip to describe the birth and the increasing of Council of Europe.
The project will be realised completely by young people aged between 17 and 30 years old (with also only 1 younger of 34 year).
DVD will be realised in seven languages (Italian, English, Czech, Russian, German, Turkish, and Egyptian), because it must be possible to understand the history in all European countries.
This DVD probably will interest the young people of Europe, especially because it will describe the history of our years that it’s very difficult to see in comics.
Sure the interested persons will be not only young boys and girls but also their parents, and in this case it will be a great result for the project.
Practically it will teach something, entertaining people: this description will serve to increase their basic knowledge about the international organisation known as Council of Europe, and of course without boring them.
The DVD will be produced in 300 copies to be distributed in all partners centre and also in the 43 centres of European Governance Network: this will permit to all partners (and also to all members of E.G.N.) to promote the action of the Council of Europe among their visitors and in the schools of their areas.
Obviously, some copies of the produced DVDs will be sent also to Strasbourg to be used in the infopoints of Council of Europe.
In fact the main objective of this project is to produce multimedia didactic materials for the development and the enforcement of services offered by the partners and for schools.
In particular we would like to produce a DVD in comic strip dedicated to especially young people. We have a very long experience with students (of every ages) in the frame of our activities and we know, on one side, how is important to make them aware about Europe but, on the other side, how this task is difficult.
It’s not easy to explain to pupils, with few historical knowledge and information, the long integration process of modern Europe, starting from the first Community up today: so this DVD will help this important process.
Of course we will create also a web page from which it will be possible to download the content of DVD to permit to all interested persons to create it directly from their home.

The main steps of this project are:

May 2006:
1) Realisation of a research about the most important moments and characters of the history of Council of Europe.
2) Creation of webpage for project promotion.
3) Preparatory meeting for the definition of the project steps. Ideation of the storyboard and its contents; set-up of a common layout and drawings
4) Selection of participants

June-October 2006
5) Production of the drawings and dialogues in own partners languages.
6) Video assembling and rendering.
7) Production and diffusion among partners of DVD format.
8) Inserting of DVD’s content in the web page for possible downloads.

November-December 2006
9) Meeting in schools for the promotion of DVD
10) Evaluation of results
11) Publication of a booklet of results (20 pages - 300 copies - format A/5) with the description of the experience realised
12) Inserting of booklet’s content in the web page for possible downloads.


1. DVD production in comics about the birth and increasing of Council of Europe
2. The partners
3. The context and the motivation
4. The participants and the beneficiaries
5. The purpose of the project
6. The preparation
7. The preparatory meeting (24-29 May 2006)
8. Project's follow up
9. The evaluation