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Services offered by Europe Direct Relay

The “EUROPE DIRECT” relay gives to citizens services of Information, cooperation and collect various feedback useful for European institutions.

A) Information points
The relay gives to citizens information, counselling and assistance on European legislation, politic, programmes and financial helps coming from European Union.
The ED relay gives:
• immediate answers to the questions done by citizens ;
• guides, publications and brochures on Europe and its task, values and opportunities.
The relay also has the task to promote at local and regional level:
• the politics and the programmes of EU disseminating information and organising events;
• the participation at European activities;
• the debate on EU and its politics;
• the dissemination of EU information.

B) Cooperation with other local organisms
The EUROPE DIRECT relay cooperates with other networks of information and development to have better results.

C) Collection of feedback to be sent to EU institutions
The relay gives regular feedback to EU about what happens in Europe and the way of thinking of its citizens