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programme Erasmus KA1 - staff training abroad

The project's objective is to meet the needs of the staff of EURO-NET that can give them:
a) the learning of new methologies in teaching;
b) the improvement of language skills;
c) the gain of communicative competences;
d) the better knowledge of CLIL abilities;
e) the betterment of confidence in the use of foreign language.

The project initially provided a scheduled departure from July 1, 2014 and an end June 30, 2015 but because of the delay of the European Commission the starting date was shifted to 6 months.
Then the training courses will be developed from 30 December 2014 and till December 29, 2015 in the following countries:
- Germany
- Ireland
- UK
- Spain

The titles of the courses chosen (but are subject to change in 2015 compared to the offer of the international provider) at the moment are:
- Stretching the imagination: Nurturing Creativity
- Play to learn: Teaching and Learning Strategies combining Games and Technology
- Playing CLIL - a new methodology
- Let's tell us your story - Practical training for storytellers

The different opportunities of training can answer, in various flows during the year of the project development, to the staff needs of the association, giving also as consequence of the variety of courses that all the different competences learned can be later shared inside all the staff.