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The artist within – Applied eMOTION

programme Erasmus KA2 - adult education

Dance and art expression in formal and non-formal education for developing entrepreneur skills – best practice sharing between sectors and methods.

The project aims at the development and integration of different art modalities into the formal and non-formal educational activities. We intend to further support institutions in empowering their colleagues and target groups to develop their entrepreneurship and related skills by using different artistic tools in individual and group work.

to share, use the results, methods of different sectors, and professions as a tool to develop social skills, attitude and knowledge of young adults to promote initiative and entrepreneurship.

The transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices with the partners results in a greater understanding and responsiveness to social, psychological and cultural diversity of the target groups.
In addition, professional development and sectorial cooperation will be reached at organisational, local, regional, national, or European levels.

Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence. And next to this through different ways of expression and especially if we are capable of having an integrative approach we can work with the problems and guide them to another level.

- Shared and discussed methodologies
- Skill, competence development of helping professionals
- Re-developed methodology based on outcomes
- Professional networking
- Sectorial cooperation
- Promotion of the use of art in formal and non-formal activities of helping professions

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