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Youth Innovation for social economy cooperation

programme Erasmus KA2 - Youth

N. azione:

14 months (01.10.2014-30.11.2015)

Project summary:
The main objective of the project "Youth innovation for social economy cooperation” is to stimulate students of two agricultural high schools (from Poland and Italy) to support and promote social entrepreneurship in local communities. The main activity will be to implement a comprehensive system of informal education for students of agricultural schools, combining civic education and science of social entrepreneurship. The project is divided into several key elements. These consist of three modules for young people, a study visit for youth workers and conference disseminating the project results. Main activities will be accompanied by other specific activities including promotion, information, advisory support, building local partnerships.

Activities to be developed
• 2 workshops in Poland,
• 1 workshop in Italy,
• 1 study visit for 6 youth-workers
• online platform in 3 languages
• 1 closing conference