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01-Meeting in Germany

realized in Berlin in the period 14-16/10/2015

The first meeting of the project “EURBANITIES -EMPOWERING CIVIL PARTICIPATION THROUGH GAME BASED LEARNING” took place in Berlin from the 14th to the 16th of October. The project, approved by the German Erasmus Plus National Agency, is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Professional Training (VET).

The meeting set a schedule for the first steps of the project and the future actions.
In Europe the participation of citizens is often hindered by the lack of information, communication and cooperation between stakeholders as well as a limited knowledge on the different options available to promote local interests.
EURBANITIES aims to facilitate the participation of civil stakeholders in neighborhood-level development programs, through the establishment of a pedagogical curriculum based on a game tool dedicated to local stakeholders, activists, trainers, and urban development professionals.
The EURBANITIES game will function as an online game for individual use as well as a pedagogical tool for a training program. Its aim is to stimulate the strategy-making process of civil activists and residents that are actively participating in neighborhood-level urban development projects. EURBANITIES will help them advance their actions in a strategic way, based on know-how accumulated through the analysis of already existing experiences from around Europe.