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Food For Change

project n.2022-1-DK01-KA220-YOU-000089325

The project aims to engage, connect and empower young people to rebuild a sense of community and civic engagement in education, training and youth work after the pandemic.
Using food as a means of discussion the project wants to create an intercultural dialogue with young people from different backgrounds in terms of race, gender and socio-economic class on topics that transcend national borders: in this way the partners intend to bring young people out of their "comfort zone" by comparing them with each other to share their stories, experiences and visions of the world among equals and not only.
Project partners are:
1) Crossing Borders (Denmark),
2) Kainotomia & Sia Ee (Greece),
3) EURO-NET (Italy),
4) New World Blue Association (Portugal),
5) Asociacija "Aktyvus jaunimas" (Lithuania)
6) Comparative Research Network Ev (Germany).