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IT&C, a gateway to future for disabled

Programme Socrates Grundtvig 2 - Action 05-ITA01-S2G01-00042-1

The project “IT&C - A GATEWAY TO FUTURE FOR DISABLED PEOPLE” aim is to improve the quality and accessibility of disabled people to education, by finding, creating and putting into value the best methods used at European level in the field of using IT&C for disabled people.
Through the European partnership will be identified, developed and produced learning materials that will improve the methods of using IT&C for disabled people and for the people taking care of them (parents, social assistants, nurses etc).
Partners will share, learn, promote and apply good and modern practices, experiences and methods.
The participating institutions will use the modern techniques of communication (e-mail, e-groups, blogs) for keeping in contact in order to develop the project activities.
The work-groups and the channels for dissemination will be open to other actors from the countries involved, organizations, institutions and authorities, who will benefit from the experience acquired.
This will also help to shaping a positive attitude of the society towards this marginalized group.
The end product will be a bilingual manual of good practices, in English and in each partner’s language, published on paper and on the Internet Website and Webblog specially created for this purpose.

Partners of the project

The European partnership is composed form the following organisations:
Asociatia Esperando
NGO "John Atanason association"
Lithuanian Welfare Society for Persons with Mental Disability
Dost Ozel Egitim ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi
The Foundation for European Initiatives
Atrium Research & Innovation Ltd - The Reflexion Foundation

The project will permit the partnership to test the use of techniques of NavigAbile programme, born to give especially to children and young people with communication or relation disabilities, an innovative modality to communicate and to have access to web contents.
During the realisation of the European project, the association EURO-NET will cooperate with AIPD (Italian Association of Down Persons) of the province of Potenza.