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Europe Direct service at central level

EUROPE DIRECT is a service of European Commission already create previously to the net of information, it wants to help citizen to find an answer to their questions about the Union. It offers informations about all subject relating to the European Commission, about rights and possibilities offered to own citizens and about like to avail itself: it provides direct answers and general questions and, in case of more detailed questions, it shows to community, national, regional or local level, the best source of information or advice.
For this service they are active:

A) a call centre service
The call centre place to disposal:
• a only green number (800 to call from any place in the 25 member states and to get in touch with an operator who speak the desired language;
• a conventional telephone number (+32-2-299.96.96) to call from any other place of the world (subject to local call rates). In this case will reply an operator in English language but it will be able to required to be transfer to an other operator who speaks the desired language.
The EUROPE DIRECT call centre is active from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM CET. Out of these hours it’s possible leave a message to the answering service.

B) a service of direct answer via e-mail
Through this service is possible have answers about own e-mail, simply connecting to web site:

C) an assistance service via internet
An assistance interactive and in real time service via internet, for they visit the EUROPE server, that allow to become a one-to-one session with an operator and obtaining an immediate answer to own questions simply connecting to web site:
This service – available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM CET in english and French – it’s conceived as help to the navigation in the Europa site and it can to provide practice signs about how search:
• specific documentation about EU on EUROPA (legislation, publications, press release etc.);
• general information of public interest about specific community politics (informative cards, relations, statistics, work document etc.);
• informations about European Integrations (history, symbols, institutions, addresses etc.).
The Web Assistance service isn’t a discussion forum and its operators can’t debit the aspects of EU politics.

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