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What EURO-NET The Youth European Network is

Supported from COE - EYF
(Council Of Europe - European Youth Foundation)

EURO-NET - THE YOUTH EUROPEAN NETWORK was a network created in 2006 in the framework of action C bis of Counci of Europe - European Youth Foundation. From 2008 the network continues its great and important activities thanks to an annual support coming from an action C of Counci of Europe - European Youth Foundation.
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  It intends to:
a) support partner organizations and their programs and activities, promoting exchange of information and organising and promoting youth activities to strengthen the youth organizations, 
b) exchange ideas and experiences among partner organizations;
c) encourage the realisation of new youth projects (exchange, training, seminar, etc) among the partner organizations using the financial help that could be given from E.Y.F., Youth Programme and other specific programs;
d) promote coordinated activities, programs and campaigns for youth development and youth participation developing peace, human rights, democracy, tolerance and solidarity;
e) enlarge the partnership of the net creating an European network including all countries members of COE.
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