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European Commission - Citizens Signpost Service

On the move in Europe and wondering about your rights? Problem with car registration or obtaining social security cover in another EU country?

The CSS is aimed at EU citizens who encounter problems with mobility in the European Internal Market.

The CSS is an advisory service which gives guidance and practical advice to citizens on specific problems they encounter in the EU and its Internal Market.

The service is free.

The reply provided by multilingual legal experts is personalised, objective, and quick. They experts clarify the relevant rules. They direct the citizen towards the body which can best help solve the problem. They advice on how to assert the citizen’s rights and obtain redress.

Replies are given by phone or e-mail in the language requested by the citizen (one of the 23 official languages).

The service operates in conjunction with Your Europe website which offers general guides and country-specific factsheets with information on citizens’rights.

To know more about the Citizens Signpost Service, please click on the indicated web site.

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