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NEFELE Mental Life CineFestival in Italy

From 24th June 2016, starts the "NEFELE Mental Life CineFestival" that will be held in two locations, Potenza and and Marconia Pisticci (MT). To permit the initiative to be carried out in the best way (bringing the right luster to the whole Basilicata) and hoping it could become an annual event, it was decided to allow public participation in all events provided free of charge in 5 days of the activities. The "NEFELE Cinefestival Mental Life" will be a way to reflect on the problems of depression, psychosis and mental well-being in general with special attention to the mental problems related to the loss of employment which unfortunately are very contemporary to the present day because of the difficult economic situation. The scheduled films are "The Measure of a man" by Stéphane Brizé, "Ready for anything" by Lorenzo Vignolo, "The fifth wheel " by Giovanni Veronesi, "Cover Boy" by Carmine Amoroso and "The Medicine Seller" by Antonio Morabito. Beside the presentation of the films mentioned there will be debates with the participation of experts and various stakholders, workshops (theater-therapy, music-therapy, game-therapy), videoportrait and artistic installations of contemporary art. More information on the festival can be read on the attached brochure.