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Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs

action 2016-2-TR01-KA205-036174

The project "Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs" aims to integrate the gender perspective in the mobility programs of the European Union and in this way to increase the visibility of gender issues in youth organizations.
It is, in fact, clear that gender discrimination is a global/transnational problem and has effects on the entire life of young women all over the world including Europe, where discriminatory actions or sexual harassments still persist against young women.
Therefore the project, discussing prevention tips against the measures and the development of reliable solutions, will help to increase the quality of women's mobility in the exchange programs.
Objectives of the project;
- to explore the experiences of discriminatory actions against young women in the exchange programs in the partners countries
- to focus on the best practices of support for young women
- to establish and promote new tools and solidarity mechanisms / networks, in order to reinforce, firstly, young women
- to develop new models for public services
- to encourage young women to be active players, while promoting innovative solutions
- to support gender policies for the coordinators of EU mobility programs at local and international level
- to develop new mechanisms to prevent the unfair treatment and abuse of rights against women.