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01-Meeting Turkey

realized in in Istanbul in the period 05-08/03/2017

The first meeting of the project "Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs" was set in Turkey from the 5th to the 8th of March. The project, approved through the Erasmus Plus Programme KA2, aims at integrating the gender perspective with the European Union mobility programmes, in order to enhance the visibility of this topic in youth organisations. It’s clear that gender discrimination is a global/transnational problem and has effects on the entire life of young women all over the world including Europe, where discriminatory actions or sexual harassments still persist against young women. Therefore, the project, discussing on the prevention tips against the measures and the development of reliable solutions, will help to increase the quality of women's mobility in the exchange programs. During the meeting participants talked about the project activities to be developed in the coming months with the tutor from the Turkish National Agency, who really appreciated the participation of EURO-NET, praising it as one of the best and most professional organisation in Europe.