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is a not-for profit organization that:
A.   is selected centre of the following European networks:
1.   Europe Direct
2.   Eurodesk
B.   is Promoter and European Coordinator of the following European networks:
3.   EURO-NET NETWORK (in this network the association has 34 own Antennas distributed in 15 different countries)
4.   European Governance Network
5.   Euro-net - The Youth European Network
6.   European Inclusion Network
C.   is selected centre of the following European networks:
8.   European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN)
D.   is member of the following European networks:
9.   European Network of Youth Centers
10.  Five Stars 
11.  Media Network
12.  Guidenet
13.  European Youth Associations and Councils Network
14.  LLLClubs
15.  Euro-Med Young Artists Network19.  Social Employers Network19.  Social Employers Network
16.  Etnola network
17.  European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Young Women
18.  Network of African Youths for Development
19.  Social Employers Network
20.  Ecumenical Network For Youth Action
21.  European Network Against Racism
22.  International Development Alliance
23.  SEEP Network
24.  International Development Alliance
25.  Indaba Network
27.  Anna Lindh Foundation
28.  European Consulting Network (as Free Consulting Organization)
29.  EUMED Consortium
30.  E.N.T.E.R.
31.  Common Agricultural Policy Network
32.  SME Academy Network
33.  European Learning Network
E.   is associated member of the following European network:
34.  Inclues - Clues to inclusive and cognitive education
35.  URB-AL II Network 13 “Towns and the Information Society”
F.   compares also in the database of the following networks:
36.  United
37.  WAVE Network
38.  South East European - Educational Cooperation Network
39.  Youth For Europe
40.  Development Gateway
41.  Global Youth Action Network
42.  Euro-Med Youth Trade Union Network
43.  EVS network
44.  RICK’s cafè
45.  Partners section of the European Commission’s website of European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008
46.  Youth For International Development - Global Youth Networks
47.  Virtual Cluster Initiative
48.  European Civil Resource Centre
49.  Euromobility Network
50.  ErasmusNetwork.Net
51.  European Ecotourism Network
G.   is recognized as intermediate organization in the database of the following European network:
52.  E-partenariat
H.   is selected as regional centre for the project (for people with disabilities):
53.  NavigAbile