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Creative Europe is the programme of the European Union that aims to support the culture and audiovisual sector.
Following the previous Culture and MEDIA programmes, Creative Europe supports:
- Initiatives in the cultural sector, such as promotion of transnational cooperation, platforms, networks and literary translation
- Initiatives in the audiovisual sector , such as promotion of development, distribution, or access to audiovisual works,
- A cross-sector strand, including a Guarantee Facility and transnational cooperation at policy level.

The program consists of two sub-programs; CULTURE Sub-programme for the promotion of the cultural sector, and MEDIA Sub-programme for the reinforcement of the audiovisual sector.

Which are the programme’s objectives?
The objectives set by the Creative Europe Programme are the following;
- To aid cultural and creative sectors seize the opportunities of the digital age and globalization
- To activate the sectors in order to achieve their economic capacity, contributing to sustainable growth, employment and social cohesion
- To offer the European cultural and media sectors accessibility to new international opportunities, markets and audience. This, in particular, includes the provision of financing:
a) 250,000 artists and professionals of the cultural sector
b) 2000 cinemas
c) 800 films
d) 500 book translations

Culture Sub-programme

What is it?
Creative Europe includes, apart from the intersectional actions, two sub-programmes; Culture and MEDIA.
According to the Culture Sub-programme, there are opportunities for;
- Cooperation between cultural and creative organisations of different countries
- Initiatives for translation and promotion of literary works in the European Union
- Networks that help the cultural and creative sectors to operate competitively and transnationally
- Forming mechanisms in order to promote emerging artists and stimulating European programming for cultural and artistic projects.