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Visual Activism for Mental Health
Art genre: Posters, stencils, stickers, infographics, photo journals and video art.
A travelling exhibition of artworks sent in digital format. These artefacts will then be printed and exhibited, in situ, as “street art” in every festival venue but also in any part of the city. The common trait of all artwork is that they communicate social awareness about mental health. Like every street art, these works have a character of activism and a shocking value, capturing the eyes and the mind of the passing-by audience. The artworks and all the “make-how” of the street art process can easily be published in various media, due to their digital form, disseminating the festival content and forming a kind of “visual journalism” around the globe.

Inclusive Imaging
Art genre: Illustration, comics, storytelling, writing
This exhibition showcases illustrations that depict heroes or challenges related to mental health, appearing in books, comics, fairytales, etc. The exhibition aims to reflect the various representations of the diverse society in which we live and aspires to convert our stereotypes. The featured diversity may refer to disability, mental health problems, characters who face social exclusion. Seeing inclusive images is important so that every one of us, especially children, become familiar with characters that may seem slightly different, look or behave slightly differently, or have a different kind of life choices, but are fundamentally just the same.

Performance installation for mental health
Art genre: Performance, Set / Costume Design, Visual Arts, Installation
This exhibition, digitally broadcasts various performances in staged art environments. These performance installations depict situations of mental illness or a state of mind. A “performance installation” is an artwork with both visual/sculptural and performative elements. It derives from the cooperation of a performer and a visual artist or designer. This art genre is thought to be a very precise medium for the representation of a state of mind, or of a suffering body / soul.

Art Residencies in Mental Health Units
The exhibition showcases artworks by teams of mental health service users, organised by an artist in residency. The exhibition presents the whole procedure of the art creation by the team (“work-in-progress” nature). Initially, the professional artists visit mental health units and conduct short-term creative workshops with the members. The artist conceives and brings about a creative topic/ title, under which the members will creatively contribute, so that a final participatory artefact will be produced by all. It’s a kind of creative “assemblage” of many different artworks, with a therapeutic and rewarding value.

Representations of Mental Health in Film
The screening’s theme is mental health as featured by the camera of artists around the globe. Works will be selected via the festival’s call as well as from the collections of the partner’s festivals. The sections will vary from animation, fiction, documentary to science fiction and video art / dance. A variety of more styles and techniques are employed for short films as well.

A theater event for mental health and against discrimination. It is consisted by performances of various genres like playback, devised, street, circus, opera, mime, invisible, etc.

One concert per day devoted to each partner’s country. Each concert will be devoted to mental health, with a selection of music by each partner. The concerts will involve music and songs speaking about mental health, as well as a variety of multicultural music styles. It implies a number of artists, and unlike other concerts, which typically remain in a single genre of music or work of a particular artist, the concert that will have a duration of multiple days, and will cover a broad scope of music. Due to their size, the concerts are almost exclusively held outdoors.