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The NEFELE logo

The symbol
We chose a balloon as the symbol of the NEFELE initiative. Flying is an age-old, dream. The sky is the limit even if the universe has no limits that correspond to human measurements. However, what are the limits of the soul?

The principle of its operation
The balloon needs air or gas in order to fly but it is, definitely, necessary to be warm like our emotions and to be in real touch with them. The balloon isn’t empty even if we can’t see its content. Though, we need to know its characteristics in order to be able to benefit from it.

The colours
Our balloon includes all the colours of the colour wheel. No colour is excluded, similarly nothing and no-one should be excluded from this joint flight.
The colours also represent the main way artistic expression is achieved, from exquisite white marble Greek statues and coloured temples to modern digital art.

The Movement
The balloon is angled to suggest motion, representing the movement of our project and the movement we are trying to create within society as a whole. “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” The balloon surfs using the air currents, similarly the art of our festival seizes upon current trends and topical issues. “We cannot control the wind, but we can control the sails”, as a great thinker said 200 years ago.

The shape
The balloon hasn’t got a regular shape. It is slightly oblate. Regularity can’t be found in nature. Nothing is identical to anything else. The demand for uniformity is a social treaty with specific targets which are responsible for many of the plight of humanity. “Let 100 flowers bloom”.

The basket
The difference between the size of the basket load and the balloon might seem questionable. However, the road to personal fulfillment takes a similar amount of energy and effort.

The absent background and what it could possibly be.
Our balloon flies in a colourless sky so anyone is able to set their own balloon off on their own individual course.

And why is the name NEFELE written on this balloon?
The name goes far beyond the acronym of the project. In Greek mythology Nefele was a nymph and the goddess of hospitality, before Zeus assumed her field of responsibility. We felt a natural connection to this Goddess as we hope our initiative make society more hospitable to everyone.
Her first child was Centaur – a creature that was half human and half an animal (horse). There could be a better symbolism for the relationship between the human soul and instinct and between the Arts and Mental Health?
In her second birth she had twins: a boy and a girl. What could it be the best symbolism for the presence and unity of the female and male side?
And when she had to save her children, she helped them fly up (in the clouds as her name means in Greek).

Fly with us