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The Partnership

1) Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups –KSDEO “EDRA”, Greece
The organisation Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups –KSDEO “EDRA” is a Non Profit Organisation that operates in the field of Mental Health and Disability since 2001, aiming at the promotion of mental health, defending the social rights of minority groups, as well as informing and raising awareness of the community over mental health problems.
It carries out ART4MORE: International Arts Festival for Mental Health since 2007, which is basically a modern art festival with emphasis on social issues and mental health. Its programme hosts international works of modern art, including visual art, music, cinema, theatre, dance, architecture, new media and design. The festival is edited by an art historian, supported by psychologists and social workers, with the support of the marketing department of “EDRA” and the festival’s production manager.

2) First Fortnight , Ireland
First Fortnight is a Non Profit Organisation of volunteers, founded in 2009. Its objective is to challenge the prejudice concerning mental health through creative arts, on the belief that arts allow people to create a space where they can talk about mental health issues. The organisation has created the “First Fortnight- Center for Creative Therapies”, which provides an art psychotherapy service to adults who experience homelessness and lack of mental health service in Dublin. The organization held the first art festival, which lasted for two weeks, in 2012. Since then, the First Fortnight Festival is the largest, national Mental Health festival in Ireland.

3) Fundacion INTRAS, Spain
The INTRAS Foundation was founded in 1994 and is a Non Profit Organisation with the objective to help mental health patients and contribute to their independent living. All of the above are possible through the use of resources for their health, education, work, housing, entertainment and leisure time. The foundation is also active on the research area, in order to reinforce the social and working integration of those people, improving the quality of their lives.
It is one of the major organisations that provide mental health services in Spain, with art a well-established part of their mental therapy treatments. They work tirelessly towards combatting the stigma surrounding mental health and raising public awareness.

4) EURO-NET, Italy
Euro-Net, as an Antenna of EUROPE DIRECT and as a selected center of EURODESK, provides the project with important communication connections throughout Europe. At the same time, it is a Regional Center for NavigAbile project (for the disabled) and a member of the Regional List of Cultural Associations and the Euro-Mediterranean Young Artists Network, directly linked to the objectives proposed by the project Nefele. Furthermore, it has the role of Organiser and European Coordinator of many European networks, including;
? European Governance Network
? Euro-net - The European Youth Network
? European Inclusion Network

5) Aukstelke A.S.O.K., Lithuania
Aukstelke A.S.O.K. works on the sector of arts for mental health since 1963. The organisation’s activities cover a wide range of needs, from the need for self-expression to inclusion and to facing the stigma. Acting: puppetry, dramatisation, recitation of poems, drama club. Artistic activities: painting, modelling, composition, welding, knitting, crochet, embroidery, weaving, carpentry. Musical activities: singing, performing, dancing, residents’ band.