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The NEFELE network

«Together we stand, divided we fall» - Roger Waters, Pink Floyd “The Wall”

NEFELE Network: An open invitation
Good ideas have to be put into action. Action needs application fields, people and tools.
Networks are invaluable tools. They are the most suitable tool for the coordination of settings and activities, across countries or continents. This network has the potential to create a social change across Europe.
The network’s structure will allow us to help support our fellow members as required without replacing their primary function.
This network has been carefully formulated, the members will shape its goals. Only objectives that are of common interest to the members will be part of the Network’s goals.
While the NEFELE project has been created by five partner organizations, all the issues concerning the formation and function of the Network are open. This approach is a conscious decision from the phase of submission of NEFELE’s Project proposal, since an essential goal is to attract the wider possible members’ participation. The Network’s formation will be a shared process. Issues like the characteristics of the potential members, the management way, the development process, the business plan and the methods to ensure the sustainability are under the decisive authority of the Founding Congress which will be held in February 2017 in Athens.
In fact, an open public consultation will proceed the Congress with free participation and the expression of opinions from everyone interested, regardless of their ability to join the Network. We are extending invitations to anyone who can help contribute to the collective social change we are trying to achieve, getting their insight even if they can’t participate within the network will be invaluable.