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European projects in realisation

In this section you can find the description of some of our European projects actually in realisation.

For the moment our organism is realizing  the following projects:

01. Europe Direct Basilicata (programme Europe Direct relay network - year 4 of the period 2013-2017)
02. Tilt (programme "Affidamento Centro per la Creatività")
03. EBN membership (call for EBN Membership)
04. Vet4Start-Up (programme Erasmus + KA2)
05. Clear Cyber Bullying (programme Erasmus + KA2)
06. The artist within - Applied eMotion (programme Erasmus + KA2)
07. The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker (programme Erasmus + Ka2)
09. ENT-NET (programme Erasmus + KA2)
10New Born Memory (programme Erasmus + KA2 Capacity Building)
11. EURBANITIES-Empowering civil participation through game based learning (programmeErasmus + KA2)
12. Technology for Creative Thinking (programme Erasmus + KA1)
13. Quality without cooperation is not enough (programme Erasmus + KA1)
14. Social Agricolture Vet Experience (programme Erasmus + KA1 VET)
15. EuroYouth MEDIALAB: a new european approach 2.0 for an inclusive youth citizenship strategy (programme Erasmus + KA2 Youth)
16. Innovation in VET for Jobs and Employment (programme Erasmus + KA2 VET)
17. Stronger Parents - Healthier Communities (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
18. NEWave in learning - Innovative programme for fast and effective learning (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
19. Hands Up for EuroPeers (programme Erasmus + KA1)
20. Safer Place Hopeful Refugees (programme Erasmus + KA2)
21. Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs (programme Erasmus + KA2)