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European projects in realisation

In this section you can find the description of some of our European projects actually in realisation.

For the moment our organism is realizing  the following projects:

ANNO 2013
01. Tilt (programme "Affidamento Centro per la Creatività")
02. EBN membership (call for EBN Membership)

ANNO 2016
03. Innovation in VET for Jobs and Employment (programme Erasmus + KA2 VET)
04. NEWave in learning - Innovative programme for fast and effective learning (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)

ANNO 2017
05. Skills for Migrants Entrepreneurs (programme Erasmus + KA2 VET)
06. Integration by social and digital learning (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
07. InnovatiVET (programme Erasmus + KA2 VET)
08. MORE THAN WORDS - Integrating creativity in intercultural training (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
09. Strategies for refuGees (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
10. PerformAction performing arts for education and training (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
11. STEREOSCIFI - Stereotypes and Hard Science Fiction (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
12. Experential Pedagogy of The Oppressed for Adults (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education) 

ANNO 2018
13. Uploading...Critical Thinking (programme Erasmus + KA1)
14. E+ Round Trip Online Preparation for Young People (programme Erasmus + KA2 Youth)
15. Europe  City-Teller: Mediazione culturale & storytelling per il turismo tra teatro, nultimedialita' e  narrazione - EU-ACT (programme Erasmus Plus KA2 Adult Education)
16. Reinforce EU economies, reinforcing human capital - REUERHC (programme Erasmus + KA2 VET)
17. Creativity training for Europe (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
18. An Adult Digital education Skills Kit to Foster Employability - DESK (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
19. UNIFIED - For Culture, Peace and Social Integration of Migrants and Refugees (programme Erasmus + KA2 Youth)
20. Life Styles, deviance and Prevention: Non Formal Education and Interdisciplinary Resources for Vulnerable Youth (programme Erasmus + KA2 Youth)
21. Peace Lens - creation of new generation of peace promoters (programme Erasmus + KA2 Youth)
22. My Community 2020 (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
23. Rise and Rise Strong Female - development, inclusion and improvement the quality of life of women - RISE (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
24. Intercultural dialogue: a holistic approach to teaching drama, storytelling and video making techniques (programme Erasmus + KA2 Adult Education)
25. Internet Rzeczy dla kazdego (IoT for everyone) (programme Erasmus Plus KA2 Adult Education)
26. Elblag Educators for Seniors-EEFS (programme Erasmus Plus KA2 Adult Education)
27. MOOC for Mobile Game Development Program - mGame (programme Erasmus Plus KA2 VET)
28. Enhancing Capacities of Youth Policy Makers Across Europe - Youth Capacity (programme Erasmus Plus KA2 Youth)
29. Borders in the Mind-BIM (programme Erasmus Plus KA2 Adult Education)
30. Youth and EverydaySexism breaking gender discrimination in youth (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
31. Silence is not gold (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
32. Games 4 Youth (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
33. Networking for solidarity! (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
34. Snowmen goes intercultural! (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
35. Religious Tolerance in Common Society (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
36. Creating strategies for the future (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
37. Cultural Sharing is Caring (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)

ANNO 2019
38. Europe Direct Basilicata (programma Europe Direct relay network - year 2 of the period 2018-2020)