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First 143 projects realised

In this sectio there is the indication of our first 143 projects completed (listed in base of the annual contract).

First 143 projects realised (years 1998-2008)
03. Alla scoperta di un mondo nuovo
04. Alla scoperta di un mondo nuovo 2
05. Teleurope
06. Metodi di approccio al sistema di animazione negli streetcornerwork
07. Mediterraneo
08. Youth leaders - esperto di scambi giovanili
09. Days of August

YEAR 2001
10. Back to nature and traditions
11. Media Network
12. Yo te lo doy
13. Europe & youngsters
14. Lavorando nel Parco Storico Rurale Ambientale di Basilicata
15. EVS per Peter Schulze
16. EVS per Yuri Di Placido
17. Friends in Europe
18. What can youths do in a rural area?
19. Back to nature and traditions 2
20. Libri con le ali
21. Short Study Visit in Zilina
22. A European meeting about Health
23. Job Shadowing in Italy
24. Contact making for youth exchanges between EU & Pre-accession countries in eastern and south-eastern Europe
25. Five Stars
YEAR 2002
26. Development of an intranet free to all young people - Peace Web
27. Attenzione educativa alla popolazione a rischio di esclusione, nazionali ed immigrati
28. Visita preparatoria in Grecia
29. Exchangissimo
30. Meeting in Thessaloniky
31. Games as tool of working with chidren and youths
32. Contact Making for YOUTH-Exchanges in European level
33. United Youth
34. Together for children
35. [email protected] in Europe

YEAR 2003
36. E.G.N. - European Governance Network
37. Attenzione educativa alla popolazione a rischio di esclusione, nazionali ed immigrati (anno 2)
38. Ariadne - Social inclusion of single parent families (anno 1)
39. The future of Youth Local & Regional Councils & Forums with the increasing of Europe
40. La futura Europa per i giovani
41. L’Europa e noi
42. Youth in the green fields
43. Youth Councils and Youth Parliaments: leaving solidarity to build democracy
44. Youth Programme in Europe and Galicia
45. Youth Democracy in our society
46. Culture, traditions and society - Back to nature and traditions 3
47. Youngsters everyday living in local societies - Preservation of cultural inheritance
48. Youth of Europe against drugs
49. The problems of drug addiction in the rural areas
50. [email protected] in Europe: a media encounter North
51. Homo culturalis
52. Inclusion by performing arts
53. Eurodez Work Placement
54. Eurodesk Promotion
55. Io Giovane
56. Laboratorio Europa (Lezioni d'Europa)
57. Seminar in preparation for the European Year of Education through Sport

YEAR 2004
58. Ariadne - Social inclusion of single parent families (anno 2)
59. Drugs and European Youth
60. Getting Closer
61. Creativity
62. The wealth of nature, the wealth of cultures
63. Move your legs, wake up your mind
64. The Way We Leave The Way We Eat
65. European Youth Olympycs
66. From solidarity to democratic participation
67. Storia del brigantaggio lucano a fumetti
68. Meeting in Lille for a Preliminary Visit for the preparation of a National French Congress of Youth and Children Coucils
73. Let's develop the European feeling
74. European citizenship
75. Faith, hope and love
76. Gender and Equality Project
77. Folia
78. In search for good mark
79. HUMAN-COM. Tourist Business Human Resources Magament Students placement
80. French Language Course
81. InformaEuropa
82. Storia della Basilicata a fumetti - VOLUME 1
83. Sipario 2005
84. Short Movie Review Youth In Action
85. Meeting of Athens - Gathering of European Youth Association
86. European Seminar - The role of the local and national youth centres in promoting intercultural learning and European co-operation intercultural
100. Europe Direct - Synergy Net (anno 2)
101. Contact Making Seminar in Kastoria-Greece
102. Am I a foreigner in my country?
103. Discovering Europe and the European Youth
104. European Partecipative Youth
105. We will speak about our problems
106. A road for the Europarliament
107. Colour your life without drugs!
108. Youthplacement2006/FUERM
109. MOBE2: Mobilité Bretagne Europe
110. Short Movie Festival Youth In Action
111. Bancadatigiò
112. EUROPA FACILE: Informare per partecipare
114. Seminar of the European Network of Youth Centres (ENYC)
116. Internet Social Point (programme Progetto ISP)

YEAR 2007
117. Consultative meeting on the cooperation between the European Network of Youth Centres (ENYC) and the youth sector of the Council o
120. Europe Direct - Synergy Net (anno 3)
121. Ufolep (Youth in Action - Action 1)
122. Old crafts (Youth in Action - Action 1)
123. E.I.N. - European Inclusion Network (Socrates - Grundtvig 2) - year 2
124. EUROPA FACILE: Informare per partecipare 2007
125. Project for Participation and Social Cohesion Enhancement (Call for proposals EuropeAid/123-374/L/ACT/ACT - TACIS IBPP)
127. Moduli di informatica
129. European Federation of Mentors for Girls and Young Women (Youth in Action - Action 1 - Call for pilot projects on thematic networking - Call for Proposals EACEA 08/2007)
130. Programma attività 2007

YEAR 2008
131. Development of entrepreneurship skills by creating networks of social partnership and international cooperation
132. Sharing the best practices to let the citizens know what Europe is
133. Tra i banchi con l'Europa (project in partnership with Region Basilicata and Regional School Office)
134. Progetto finalizzato a comunicare l’offerta innovativa
135. Building a common European future
136. Realizzazione stampe per Open Day
139. Europe Direct - Synergy Net (anno 4)
140. Progetto rivolto alle scuole elementari e medie sulla Storia della Basilicata e dell'UE
141. Programma attività 2008
142. Info Library (programme Youth In Action - action 4.5)
143. R.A.C.E.S. - Raising Awareness on Climate and Energy Saving (programme LIFE+ Information & Communication - Call for Proposals LIFE+ 07ENV)