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YEAR 2012
188. How to create and develop an European network for inclusion: tools, instruments, projects and methodologies (programme LLP Grundtvig - In service Training)
189. Let's create web sites with JOOMLA! 1.5 (programma LLP Grundtvig - - In service Training)
190. Aestethics in Nature (programme Youth in Action - action 3.1)

191. Esperto in virtualizzazione e valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale (programme "Cultura in Formazione")
192. Master in Europrogettazione (programme Regione Basilicata - voucher for learners)
193. Video as an awarness tool (programme Youth in Action - action 4.3)
194. Pro-youth (programme Progress)
195. Una Semilla para el cambio (programme Youth in Action - EVS)
196. Europe Direct New Synergy-Net (programme Europe Direct relay network - year 3 of the period 2009-2012)
197. JUMIGG (programma DAPHNE)
198. ENYC (programme Youth in Action - Action 4.1) 
199. COE Trivia Board Game (programme COE - EYF - action B)
200. Online platform creation... (programme COE - EYF - action B)
201. Work experience (programme OP ESF Basilicata 2007-2013)
202. EURO-NET - The Youth European Network (programmme COE-EYF - action C)
203. Application for the Pan-European working groups (Europe Direct network)
204. Healthy living, get to know other cultures and ourselves through sports, relaxing and healthy food (programme Youth in Action 1.1)
205. Voluntary competences for youth (programme Youth in Action 5.1)
206. Tailwind coaching training seminar (programme Youth in Action 4.3)
207. Youth Works in Rural Areas (programme Youth in Action 4.3)
208. We dare to disagree! Forum Theatre as a tool for social change (programme Youth in Action 4.3)

209. Preparatory Visit at MKN in Austria (programme Leonardo Preparatory Visits)
210. One frame at a time (programme Youth in Action 4.3)
211. Facing Europe 2020: Advanced Training in Key Competences for Youth Workers in Non-formal Education (programme Youth in Action 4.3)
212. E.P. Partnership in the on line media sector (call for partnership n.COMM/2012/FPA)
213. Voses (programme LLP Leonardo TOI)
 E-Game (programmme LLP Grundtvig Learning Parterships)
215. Cantiere Giovani - Volontariato al Volo (programme Fondazione per il Sud)

YEAR 2013

216. E.P. Partnership in the event sector (call for partnership n.COMM/2012/FPA)
Gargantua's soul (programme Youth in Action 1.2)
218. Lezione sull'Europa (Communication Plan OP ESF Basilicata 2013-2017)
219. A better Future Begins Today (programme Youth in Action 1.1)
220. Europe Direct Basilicata (programme Europe Direct relay network - year 1 of the period 2013-2017)
221. Computer web literacy (programme LLP Grundtvig Workshop) 
222. Il mio futuro è l'Europa (programme COMM/ROM/ED/2013_EPE)
223. Festivals of the world (programme Youth in Action - action 3.1)
224. FAME - Artist's school and creative centres' Network  (programme Urban Visions)
225. MY WAY (programme LLP Leonardo TOI)
226. OpenGovEU (programme LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnerships)
227. Shapes (programma MED)
228. TRACKING ART "outdoor art activities for inclusion (programme Youth in Action4.3)