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YEAR 2014
229. Europe Direct Basilicata (programme Europe Direct network - year 2 of the period2013-2017)
 PBA Y.O.U.R. Network (programme Youth in Action
231. Responsible citizenship- CIVIC VOLUNTEERING (programme Erasmus Plus KA1) 
232. Power to the future! (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
233. Building Europe together (programme Erasmus Plus KA1)
234. Obiettivo Europa! (programme Erasmus + KA1)
235. Tirocinio extracurriculare per Federica Bruno (programme  Youth Guarantee)
236. MultiCult Globe (programme Erasmus + KA1)
237. We Dare Crisis (programme Erasmus + KA1)
238. Youth Innovation for social economy cooperation (programme Erasmus + KA2)
239. Our Life Our Future (programme Erasmus + KA1 - youth exchange)
240. Alternative forms of Physical Education (programme Erasmus + KA1 - training course)
241. European Cooperative Youth Network (programme Erasmus + KA1 - training course)
242. Join hands to learn cultural differences (programme Erasmus + KA1 - youth exchange)
243. Global Warning! (programme Erasmus + KA1 - training course)
244. Journey into Finance (programme Erasmus + KA1 - training course)
245. Global actors in local actions (programme Erasmus + KA1 - training course)
246. Contact Making Seminar New prospects for Minorities and Inclusive Europe (programme Erasmus + KA1 - contact making seminar)
247For an inclusive Europe (programme Erasmus + KA1 - training course)
248. La dama delle pari contemporaneità (OPM Fund Waldesian Church)
249. Vet4Start-Up (programme Erasmus + KA2)
250. Clear Cyber Bullying (programme Erasmus + KA2)
251. The artist within - Applied eMotion (programme Erasmus + KA2)
252. The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker (programme Erasmus + Ka2)

YEAR 2015
253. Europe Direct Basilicata (programme Europe Direct network - year 3 of the period2013-2017)
254. Mobility in UK-Liceo delle Scienze Umane “Emanuele Gianturco” of Potenza (minierasmus)
255. Mobility in UK-Liceo Scientifico “Salvator Rosa” of Potenza (minierasmus)
256. Mobility in UK-Liceo Classico “Q.O.Flacco” of Potenza (minierasmus)
257. Mobility in UK-IIS “Carlo Levi” of Santarcangelo (minierasmus)
258. Mobility in UK-Liceo Scientifico “Galileo Galilei” of Potenza (minierasmus)
259. Mobility in UK-IIS of Bernalda (minierasmus)
260. Mobility in UK-IIS "F. Cassola" of Ferrandina (minierasmus)
261. Mobility in UK-IIS "E. Fermi" of Muro Lucano (minierasmus)
262. Mobility in UK-Liceo Artistico Statale “Carlo Levi” of Matera (minierasmus)
263. Mobility in UK-ISIS "Pitagora" of Montalbano (minierasmus)
264. Mobility in UK-ITGC "Manlio Capitolo" of Tursi (minierasmus)
265. Mobility in UK-ITS "Vittorino D'Alessandro" of Lagonegro (minierasmus)
266. Mobility in UK-IPESOA "A. Turi" of Matera (minierasmus)
267. Mobility in UK-ISIS "Pitagora" of Policoro (minierasmus)
268. Mobility in Spain-IPSIA "Giorgi" of Potenza (minierasmus)
269. Mobility in Spain-Liceo Artistico e Musicale of Potenza (minierasmus)
270. Mobility in UK-Liceo Artistico Statale “Carlo Levi” of Matera (Living Europe)
271. Mobility in UK-ITGC "Manlio Capitolo" of Tursi (Living Europe)
272. Mobility in Ireland-ISIS "Pitagora" di Montalbano (Living Europe)
273. Mobility in UK-IIS "Cerabona" of Marconia di Pisticci (Living Europe)
274. Mobility in UK-IIS "G. Fortunato" of Pisticci (Living Europe)
275. Mobility in UK-Liceo Scientifico Statale "E. Fermi" of Policoro (Living Europe)
276. Mobility in UK-IIS of Bernanlda (Living Europe)
277. Mobility in UK-IIS "Pitagora" of Policoro (Living Europe)
278. Mobility in UK-Liceo Artistico Statale "Levi" of Matera (Living Europe)
279. Wipe Autz! Superior (programme Erasmus KA1)
280. ESSENCE (programma Erasmus KA1)
281. For successful short-term EVS: how to support a good start? (programme Erasmus KA1)
282. Leadership = Employability (programme Erasmus KA1)
283. Milestones (programme Erasmus KA1)
284. Understanding culture a tool of discovering ourselves (programme Erasmus KA1)
285. Social Entrepreneurship as a tool for a change (programme Erasmus KA1)
286. European diversity towards unity and integration (programme Erasmus KA1)
287. EUROJAZZ (programme Erasmus KA1)
288. Be Active (programme Erasmus KA1)
289. Open your mind (programme Erasmus KA1)
290. Disadvantaged youth and social inclusion (programme Erasmus KA1)
292New Born Memory (programme Erasmus + KA2 Capacity Building)
293. ENT-NET (programme Erasmus + KA2)
294. EURBANITIES-Empowering civil participation through game based learning (programmeErasmus + KA2)